Mandatory improvements to bring into your newly renovated bathroom

Mandatory improvements to bring into your newly renovated bathroom

Renovation of the bathroom always updates your styles, value and makes everything updated to the current requirements. It is very much important to bring new changes in your bathroom which will help you or your family to live a better lifestyle. If you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom then these are some essential changes that you must consider for enhancing the storage, comfort, and functionality of the bathroom.


Mandatory changes in your renovated bathroom


  • Textured tiles:There are plenty of tiles options when it comes to walls, flooring etc. But during renovation try to select a floor or tiles that have small textures as some extra grouting which will help you from getting slipped due to the wet or soapy floor. There as so many new bathroom tiles which can resist humidity, stains, mold and can be cleaned easily.


  • Plumbing of 2 inches:A little change can create a big difference in your life. This 2-inch plumbing may look like a small change but it can cure many future issues. Normally a plumbing of a bathroom is 1.5 inches that lead to clogs. So it is a better idea to make the drains 2 inches wide and it will also cost you the same but will enhance the performance of your bathroom.


  • Windows near the shower: If you want your bathroom to stay away from humidity then you should probably think of some ventilation. You may use a fan but it is a good idea to use natural ventilation that is a window. If you build windows near the shower then it will protect your bathroom from mildew and mold. Also, try to keep the door of the bathroom open for better ventilation.


  • Improved lighting: As the bathroom faces very little amount of light so it is better to use good lighting in the bathroom. During renovation install lights that go with the mood of the bathroom and makes it look bright. You can also opt for dimmers to change the brightness according to your need. You can also add some recessed fixtures to your mirrors so that you will get a good lighting while doing the hair or makeup.


  • Hidden tank toilet: If you are remodeling your toilet then you should probably opt for hidden tank toilet as they will help you to save more space and make the toilet look classier. And whenever you will flush it will save water as they have low flow facility.


  • Recessed cabinet:You can also save some more space by keeping a recessed cabinet. It is made to make the bathroom look modern and sleeker.  It won’t cost you much. When the vanity is situated in the shallower part of the bathroom then this arrangement is useful.


Renovation of bathroom needs to be done perfectly and accurately. There are several benefits of bathroom renovation and a little change in it can help you to save a lot of money in the future. There are many options for renovating a bathroom in Edmonton at a great price.

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